FDS Copy Master v1.1 (lastest)

Copy Master software original from BUNG cracked by Me. (Keep original, no any modify). This fds image is doctor format (copier format). So, you need fds copier to run it. FDS Copy Master (4474 downloads)

Copy Master use to Backup game/Copy game/Drive speed tuning. I was told that speed “5” is the best speed. But as I remember, new drive have speed “1”. (I maybe wrong)

How to use :
1) Flash image to FDSSTICK.
2) Plug in copier to your Famicom. (Plug power supply to copier too)
3) Plug FDSSTICK to ram adapter.
4) Turn on your Famicom to load it.
5) Unplug FDSSTICK and plug ram adapter to FDS Drive.
6) You can Copy game/Drive speed tuning now.