fdsstick read error fix (maybe?)

News from loopy :
On read errors – I’ve found that a series resistor (10k or so) on the READ DATA pin (“pin 9” in my pinout diagrams) helps.

I built a GUI, it’s not quite finished but you can try it out. http://3dscapture.com/fdsstick/FDSStick.exe
I made a small change to the firmware to make using the button easier. Instead of slot numbers, you push the game number (1, 2, 3, etc..). After the game loads, the button changes disk sides (1=A, 2=B, …)

FDS 3206 Mod

If you use Modchip, it is easier to install.
You need to mod both Power Board and Drive Board.

If not, you can check here :

Drive PCB mod :
1) Modchip pins don’t touch anything from PCB.
2) Drive PCB need to cut two wires and solder 8 wires to the Modchip.

Power Board v05 Mod :
Cut two wires and solder two wires.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA